Chernobyl Tours

When you have visited all the interesting places on this planet, and the trivial travel destinations start to annoy you, it is only logical that you look for something more fascinating than the sea and the mountains. If you have the feelings we described, our company may be the best option for you to get out of the vicious circle.

We offer you the best tours to Chernobyl, a unique place on Earth. The impressions you get there will stay with you until the end because there is no other place with the same history. Let us take you through the experience you will get when you visit Chernobyl.

Chernobyl Exclusion Zone Tour

It was a calm night on April 25 and 26, 1986. Suddenly, the people living in Pripyat and Chernobyl felt an impulse coming out of nowhere, and the firefighters were called to extinguish a fire at Chernobyl nuclear power plant. They didn’t know, back then, that it was the worst nuclear accident in the world, and that it would turn their lives upside down.

The RBMK reactor number 4 of the power plant exploded releasing tones of radioactivity into the air. Hundreds of people were killed, thousands were injured, and millions are still affected by the consequences of the explosion.

Is It Safe to Opt for Chernobyl Tours Now?

The territory most affected by the explosion is now called the exclusion zone. People are not allowed to live there and the free-and-easy tours are prohibited. The towns of Chernobyl and Pripyat are empty: they are called ghost towns.

However, we have good news for you: you still can enjoy the Chernobyl travel! Our company has the license required to be able to organize trips to Chernobyl, so we can help you arrange the most memorable tours of your life.

Chernobyl Tours from Kiev

On our website, we offer the best tours to the Chernobyl exclusion zone. There are fixed trips, like one-day, two-day, and three-day trips, but you can also commission personalized tours according to your desires.

Chernobyl Visit: What Will I See?

The most frequently booked trip to Chernobyl on our website are the three-day tours. This period of time allows you to see all interesting places with a guide, hear terrifying stories about some spots, and have some spare time for free wandering and photo taking.

During this three-day excursion, you will see the town of Pripyat, its amusement park, Palace of Culture, the Red forest, Duga radar system, the cooling pond of the plant, empty abandoned houses in Pripyat and Chernobyl, and the power plant itself. You will also get the opportunity to see reactor number 4, the very core of the explosion.

Tours Plan

A professional team will be with you all the time of excursion. They will help you have the best experience during these three days. The guides have the plan of excursion elaborated for you to see the spots and hear the story in chronology.

The plan of the excursion is never the same: based on the feedback, we change the plans all the time, to give all our clients the time of their lives. However, the main points are always the same. A trip starts in Kyiv, and then you go to the Pripyat tour, where you will have time to wander around. Chernobyl is the next spot, and the nuclear plant is like a cherry on a pie.

Safety During the Tour

When you decide to go on a Chernobyl tour with us, you can be certain that your safety will be kept on the highest level possible. We will provide you with the necessary equipment that ensures your protection. You must be aware that having your personal radiation protection on is required all the time because it is prohibited to remain in the exclusion zone without it.

Moreover, you will not be allowed to take a trip, in case you have an illness that restricts you. That is why we require a general medical clearance before you book your tours.


You have to know that not everyone is allowed to take a trip to the exclusion zone. We have already mentioned the health problems restricting you from travelling, but there are other requirements you have to meet to be able to visit the exclusion zone.


To begin with, you must be of legal age. Teenagers under 18 are not allowed to enter the exclusion zone even with their parents being present.


At the beginning of the tour, we check all participants and their identities. We value the safety we provide, so we cannot allow mistakes. You will have to present your identity card and the contract you signed with our company. With one of these documents missing, you will not be allowed on a trip.

No-Claim Agreement

If you are thinking about visiting Chernobyl, but are afraid of the consequences it may bring to your health, you don’t have any reason to worry. Firstly, the personal protection equipment we provide is the best among the equipment you can find. Secondly, the time you spend in the exclusion zone is not enough to be exposed to a harmful amount of radiation. Thirdly, the areas you visit are not dangerous, and as for the spots with a high level of radiation, you will not have access to them without being in a specifically protected car.

However, even with these measures taken, you are the one responsible for your health during and after the tour to Chernobyl. You will sign a no-claim agreement before your excursion.

We can assure you that the Chernobyl tours we offer are the best you can find in Ukraine. The experience you can get there is unique: there is no other place like this in the whole universe! Don’t waste any other minute and book your trip!