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Are you a travel fan? Have you already visited all places you can find on travel guides? Are you looking for new travel destinations? Chernobyl exclusion zone may be the best option for you in this case!

This place is unique: you will not find anything like it anywhere on Earth. The explosion that happened 35 years ago has left a non-erasable mark on our planet. If you are looking for an unrivalled travel experience, Chernobyl is the place you will enjoy.

Interesting Chernobyl Facts

To make you even surer that you need to visit Chernobyl, we have compiled a list of the top 10 interesting facts about Chernobyl. Each fact is a reason for visiting the exclusion zone, but when they are put together, it is the bomb of unique emotions.

Facts about the Chernobyl Accident

Let’s start with the facts that are connected to the accident itself.

1.     The Deadliest Disaster

The Chernobyl explosion is the deadliest disaster in terms of people killed, injured, and affected. We don’t know the exact amount of human loss because of the information withholding in the USSR, but the estimated number reaches 10 thousand of those who took part in the liquidation.

Even more people were (and still are) affected by the radiation: more than 70 thousand ended up disabled or got incurable illnesses. Besides, almost 9 million people in Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia were exposed to the excessive radiation background, and deal with the consequences until our days.

2.     Radiation Deployment

People usually imagine that radiation diverges from the exploded reactor in Chernobyl as evenly as circles on water. However, it is not the case of the exclusion zone. The scientists call the phenomenon of radiation deployment “radiation islands”. It means that some areas in the exclusion zone are safe, while others have the highest level of radioactivity possible.

This is actually one of the reasons why independent trips to the zone are prohibited: only certified agencies have the access to the maps with islands and safe areas.

One of the most dangerous areas is the monument sign with the name of the Chernobyl nuclear plant. The radiation level around it reaches 1200 mcR/h, with only 30 being safe for humans.

Chernobyl Scary Facts About Mutations

Another group of facts we want to tell you concerns the mutations you have certainly heard of. Truth be told, not all information about mutations in the exclusion zone are true, but the ones that are real are also fascinating.

3.     Plants Mutations

Genetic transformations that happened with plants are the only ones we can see with our own eyes. The best example is the Red Forest: the trees have turned red right after the explosion, consuming the majority of radiation and saving people who were in the town at the time of the disaster.

4.     Animals Mutations

Animals that lived around the nuclear plant were exposed to radiation even more than humans. It is a well-known fact that thousands of animals were killed to prevent them from transporting radiation on bigger territories.

However, the radiation didn’t create monsters we can see on the Internet, so don’t expect to see two-headed wolves during your trip. Mutations that happened with animals can be seen in the white color of birds’ plumage: scientists find it difficult to identify some species.

5.     Human Mutations

In the same manner as the animals, human mutations cannot be seen, apart from the increased number of white-haired children being born.

However, another significant impact was caused by the explosion: genetic transformations caused the creating of cancer-predisposed cells. In fact, more people have cancer nowadays, and doctors believe radiation is the reason.

Facts about Chernobyl Current State

We understand that the facts you are interested in the most should be connected to the current situation in the exclusion zone, so here are some current state of Chernobyl facts.

6.     Revival of Nature

The exclusion zone is the area where humans have no influence over nature, so wildlife can boost and evolve. This is exactly what is happening.

Some rare species have been seen in the exclusion zone, like deer, eagles, beavers, and foxes. The brown bears and Przewalski’s horses thrive there. As for the plants, the natural forest started to grow, and some plant scientists believe this may be the answer to deforestation.

7.     Ghost Town

Two towns were affected by the explosion: Chernobyl and Pripyat. The common opinion is that both of them are deserted now, but the reality is different. In fact, only Pripyat is a ghost town; in Chernobyl, the employers of the nuclear plant live now.

8.     USSR Versus Ukraine

Analytics believe that the New Safe Confinement wouldn’t have been realized if the USSR hadn’t collapsed. The plans which existed in the USSR consisted of disassembling the reactor at the cost of the lives of many people who would be sent on this mission.

Ukraine, on the other hand, decided to confine the reactor without risking the lives.

9.     No Lightning

There is no lightning on the streets of the exclusion zone, so at night you will not see anything. The irony lies in the fact that the USSR authorities claimed Chernobyl and Pripyat to be the “engineer paradise,” while now you cannot even see anything without a flashlight.

The reasons for that are not known, but the most common opinion is that the employers of the nuclear plant don’t need it, and there is no one else who may need the light.

10.                       Tours Are Possible

The most important of Chernobyl disaster facts we want to share with you is the fact that you can actually visit Chernobyl and see everything with your own eyes! Our company provides you with the best tours. During your trip, you will be able to see all facts we have told you there about.

If you are interested in Chernobyl nuclear disaster facts and want to visit the exclusion zone, don’t hesitate and book your trip now!