Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

People like to visit unique places, especially if they have an unparalleled history. One of such places is the Chernobyl exclusion zone located in Ukraine and Belarus. There is no other place on Earth that have suffered so much, and which people have to access to.

In this article, we will tell you about this place and why you should visit it. The experience you will get there will be the most long-lasting in your life.

Exclusion Zone around Chernobyl

The exclusion zone is the area in Ukraine and Belarus around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. It is an officially designated area and people have free access to it. The reason for its closure is the nuclear reactor disaster that happened in 1986.

When reactor number 4 of the nuclear power exploded, an unprecedented amount of radiation was released, and the exclusion zone had to be created to protect people from radioactive contamination caused by nuclear fallout.

Chernobyl Exclusion Zone Size

How big is the Chernobyl exclusion zone? Initially, the size of this exclusion zone was established as an area of 30 km radius from the power plant. All people had to quit their homes at that time, leaving all their lives for good. Even now, the town of Pripyat, the closest town to the nuclear power plant, is a ghost town with no sign of current human life.

Does Someone Live There?

As it is stated in Ukrainian laws, people are not allowed to live in the exclusion zone. However, the town of Chernobyl is populated with nuclear plant workers.

Besides, there are at least 300 people living in the Chernobyl exclusion zone. These are the people who are native to this place. The majority of them are senior citizens who want to spend the rest of their lives in the homeland. Nevertheless, they had to obtain permission to live in the exclusion zone. It can be issued by the State Emergency Service of Ukraine after you confirm taking the whole responsibility for your life and health condition.

Chernobyl Exclusion Zone Tour

People now have access to the exclusion zone, but only through the help of licensed tour companies like ours. We provide you with the opportunity to visit the closed area and see the consequences of the nuclear power plant explosion by yourself.

What Will I See?

During the tour we organize, you will be able to see all the important spots of the restricted area. To begin with, the official entrance, the famous Dytyatky checkpoint, will open the doors to the territory for you. You will see a couple of abandoned villages, like Zalissya and Kopachi, where small deserted houses are located. A unique Red forest will be the next thing you see on your way.


Coming closer to the epicenter of tragic events, the town of Pripyat welcomes you with its emptiness. This town looks like a screenshot from an apocalypse movie: signs of life are trapped in 1986 when people were hastily leaving their homes.

Pripyat is full of spots to see: the hospital where firefighters were received in the first hours after the explosion, the fire station, the Palace of culture, a town hall that transformed into headquarters of consequences liquidation, etc. However, the tourists usually say that the ambiance of the town is more dramatic than separate buildings.

Power Plant

Tourists also see the Chernobyl nuclear power plant (it is still working, by the way, but not for energy production: the employers realize the shut-down program planned for 30 years). The new Safe Confinement doesn’t allow you to see the exploded reactor, but the look of the Arch is impressive. There is a memorial for all deceased during the liquidation process.


Int the end, you will also see the town of Chernobyl. It cannot be called dead because people who work on the plant now live there. Not far from this town, there is a graveyard of the vehicles that were used for fighting the disaster. The radiation level here is enormous due to the metal that absorbed it.

Going to the Exclusion Zone

If you decide to visit the Chernobyl exclusion zone, you need to know some rules. Firstly, you need to be 18 years and older: no minors are allowed. Secondly, your health condition must be good, and a certificate from your doctor is required.

Thirdly, you will have to sign an agreement that the tour agency isn’t responsible for your health during and after the excursion. Of course, we provide you with all the necessary protective equipment, but it is you who is responsible for the consequences of your trip. Here comes the next point; fourthly, you have to follow the rules and guide’s instructions by 100%. The exclusion zone created after the nuclear power plant explosion is a unique place. If you want to have the travel experience of your l